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Company History and Epoch-making Projects

Millenium Year
2000 Developed Full-automatic Audience-Seat setting System, (*1)

2000 Developed Air Float Moving traditional Japanese “Noh” performing Stage,(*2)

21st Century
2001 Mar. Installed Full-automatic Seat and Slope setting System, in Intermational Communication Center for Persons with Disabilities(UN)

2001 Apr. Established Environmental Department

2001 Developed Lightweight Stage Lift System, and installed 16-units of them at a  Private-Studio  of Performing Arts School in Tokyo. This lightweight lift can be installed for any studios and stages on reforming, if floor structure were not very strong.

2001 Developed Attached Electrical Assisting Manual Batten System.

2001 Jul. Installed Air Float Moving traditional Japanese “Noh” performing Stage, in Okitama Culutural Hall (*1)
The Noh Stage can rotate and move with Air Floating Devices, from an Atrium (Exhibition Hall) to the Theater Stage.

2001 Oct. Installed Full-automatic Audience-Seat setting System, in Kishiwada International Culture Theater "Namikiri Hall". (*2)
And we also Installed all Riggin systems and many types of Lift such as Screw drive Stage Lift, Jack(double stroke) operated Orchestra Lift, Scissors of Seating Lift and SPIRALIFT of Stage Lift.

2002 Sep. Installed Air Floating Stage in private Company's Hall.

2002 Dec. ISO9001(2000) Certificated for all Site of our Company.

2003 Feb. Installed advanced Full-automatic Audience-Seat setting System, in Takaishi - Appla Hall(*2)
And we also Installed a lot of SPIRALIFT system such as 10-lines of automatic Seating Lifts and 14-blocks of frontstage Lifts. We use over hundred SPIRALIFTs unit in here.

2003 Feb. Installed Lightshielding multi-panels in Ehime-Budoh-Kan (Sports Center).
Multi Lightshielding panels are shuting consequently with Sunlight automaticaly.

2003 Mar.  Installed automatic Audience-Seat setting System, in MM private Hall

2004 Jan. Installed Air Floating traditional Bugaku Stage in private Temple's Hall.

2004  Mar. Installed Stage Lift and Rigging system in Multipurpose Hall of Kyushu National Museum

2004−2005 Installed several Stage Lift withSPIRALIFTsystem


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