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Company History and Epoch-making Projects

1966 Established as Kyushu Nichi-On Engineering Co., Ltd. at Fukuoka.
Fukuoka is one of the biggest cities in Kyusyu Area (Western Part of JAPAN).

1967 Established Sanken-Engineering Co., Ltd. (Renamed our Company Identity) at Fukuoka.

1975 Opened an Okinawa Branch. Okinawa is a southwest island in JAPAN.

1982 Opened a Tokyo metropolitan branch.

1982 Installed a lot of Floor Lifts and Elevating Ceiling-Truss System at LAFORET Museum AKASAKA in Tokyo.
Whole Floor and Ceiling of the Museum area can move one by one with every unit.
We call this system
“Multi-Floor Lifts & Multi-Ceiling System”
These Systems are the first experience not only for our company but also our competitors in JAPAN.
Through this experience our company has become a leading company of Stage Facilities for such as Performing Arts Spaces, Studios and Museums.

1985 Opened an Osaka Branch. Osaka is the second biggest city in JAPAN.

1986 Installed a lot of Floor Lifts and Riggings at MID Theater in the twin tower buildings of Osaka Business Park which besides a traditional Osaka Castle.
1987 Installed some Rigging in Tokyo Air Dome (we call this “Bib Egg”).
Such as Lighting battens and Center CATV elevators with Electrical Winches.

1987 Installed some Riggings and Sound Reinforcement Equipments at Pacific Star Hotel  in Guam.

1988 Established Technical Research Center in suburbs of Fukuoka, for R&D.

Installed full computerized Stage-Lifts and Riggings inTokyo Globe Theater (we call Shakespeare Hall in JAPAN similar feature as Stratford on Avon in England.)
It’s the first case of using full-computerized Stage System in Japan.

1989 Opened a Sendai Branch. Sendai is one of the biggest cities of northeast area in JAPAN.

1989 Installed Multi-Floor Lifts & Multi-Ceiling System in “Osaka International Friendship Pavilion” on “International Garden and Greenery Exposition” ;EXPO90.

1990 Installed Valuable-Floor Lifts System in “Sendai SUNPLAZA”.

1990 Established another bigger Technical Center in suburbs of Fukuoka, for R&D or assembling & inspection.

1990 We were recommended to take a prize of Venture Business Fund of “Kyushu-Yamaguchi High-Tech Enterprise Development Foundation”. On “R&D of New Floor Lift System for multi purpose or multi performance Hall”

1991 Installed Multi-Floor Lifts & Multi-Ceiling System in “ R’n Hall ” at Tokyo Logistic Center for Exhibition or Commercial meeting.

1992 Installed Air Floating Audience Seats System in “ Kagoshima Arena ”.
It’s the first experience of using
Air Floating Seats system in Japan.
Almost all seats’ block can move for many using patterns with Air Floating.

1993 Opened a Nagoya Branch. Nagoya is the third biggest city in central JAPAN.

1994 Installed Multi-Floor Lifts & Multi-Ceiling System in “ NTT Credo Hall ” at Hiroshima.

1996 Installed Theater Stage facilities at “ Tokyo International Forum Hall ” designed by Rafael Viniori.

1997 We took a R&D support Fund of “Industrial Technique Development Foundation of Fukuoka Prefecture”. On “R&D of Shell type Air Floating Acoustic Reflector

1997 Installed Theater Stage facilities for Opera House at “ Second National Theater ”.

1998 Developed Grand-Piano Lifting and Setting Equipment, and sold them for some Halls

1999 Developed Air Float Seating System, and installed them in Sendai-Taihaku Theater.


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